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Last updated 22 Aug 2023
Fox RoadOpen
Sweeney ReserveOpen


  1. April 2024

    1. Sun 21

      SNR Womens - Season Starts

    2. Sun 21

      Miniroos & Juniors - Season Starts

  2. May 2024

    1. Sun 05

      JBNPL - Regular Season Starts

  3. September 2024

    1. Sun 01

      SNR Womens - Season Ends

    2. Sun 08

      Season End: Community Juniors and Miniroos

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Policies and Governance

At Berwick City Soccer Club, we believe in keeping things simple and transparent. Our commitment to providing the best soccer experience begins with strong policies and governance. Let's take a closer look:

Why Policies Matter?

Policies are like the rules of the game. They guide us in making fair decisions and ensure everyone knows what to expect. Our policies cover everything from team selection to player conduct, promoting respect and sportsmanship on and off the field.

The Power of Governance

Governance might sound fancy, but it's all about how we run things. We have a team of dedicated individuals who oversee our club's operations. They make sure we're following the rules, managing finances responsibly, and planning for the future.

What This Means for You

When you're part of Berwick City Soccer Club, you can trust that we're committed to fairness, safety, and a fun soccer experience. Our policies and governance help create a level playing field where everyone can enjoy the game and grow as players and individuals.

Stay Informed

Want to know more? Check out our policies and governance documents below to see how we're making soccer a great experience for you and your family.

Current Policies and Procedures

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