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Last updated 22 Aug 2023
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  1. September 2024

    1. Sun 01

      SNR Womens - Season Ends

    2. Sun 08

      SNR Mens - Season Ends

    3. Sun 08

      Season End: Community Juniors and Miniroos

    4. Sun 22

      JBNPL - Regular Season Ends

  2. October 2024

    1. Sat 05

      Presentation Day

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Coaches & TM Corner

As a volunteer club, Berwick City SC relies on dedicated individuals to coach and manage the majority of our teams. We express gratitude to those who step forward for these roles.

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that Coaches are typically unpaid volunteers who dedicate their time and passion for the betterment of players and the club. As a community club, the dedication of volunteers, including the Berwick City SC Committee, is paramount to the success of the club. Without Coaches and Managers, we cannot form teams, and our kids can't play this game.

This dedication is appreciated by Berwick City SC, and through the Committee, Coaches will be supported to play their role and develop their skills where relevant.

Below, we've outlined essential details about the available positions, and we are available to offer advice and guidance as needed.

Looking to Coach or Manage a team

As a community club, we depend on parents to volunteer as coaches and managers for our teams, as we do not assign dedicated coaches and managers to the teams.

In the event that no parent steps forward to take on the coaching or managerial responsibilities for a team, the club will have to assess the viability of that team continuing.

Rest assured, coaches and managers will receive continuous support throughout the season, along with a significant discount on the season's fees.

If you're interested in nominating yourself for the position of coach or manager for a team, please reach out to us via email at

A little about the roles

Typically, a team will require, at a minimum, both a Coach and a Team Manager. We are open to considering multiple individuals for these roles if it proves beneficial for the team. The responsibilities associated with each role are distinct and are outlined below:

The Coach primarily focuses on on-field activities. Their key responsibilities include planning and conducting training sessions, as well as coaching the team during game days.

On the other hand, the Team Manager is more involved in off-field and administrative tasks. Typically, the manager serves as the primary point of contact for parents and acts as the liaison. Managers may also coordinate schedules for various tasks to be shared among team parents (such as halftime fruit rosters, ground marshal duties, parent referees etc.) and provide match reports on games.

For Under 13sand above, the Team Manager is additionally required to submit teamsheets each week for games.

Our Coaches and Managers Guide provides helpful and detailed information, including: meeting your team in our system Majestri, establishing communications in your team, Rules of Competition and Laws of the Game, registration and financial status of team members, trainings, what to do on game day, and a whole heap of resource links to help you out.

Play Football Registration and Working with Children Requirements

As a Coach or Manager, you need to register in PlayFootball (where you registered your child, or yourself if you play) as a Coach or Manager (If not available, select Volunteer). You will need to upload a photo when registering your account, as this will be used for your ID card. No fee is charged for this registration.

As a Coach or Manager, you must hold a 'Working With Children' Card. As a volunteer for the club, you can apply for a card with no fee. Please ensure you renew your Working with Children card when nearing its expiry.
The process for obtaining and/or renewing your Working with Children card can be found here.

Team Dugout

As a Coach or Manager, you will be assigned to this role for your team within our club management system, Majestri.

To view your team in Majestri, as well as send out communications to the team using Majestri, please access the Berwick City SC Majestri Guide.

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