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Last updated 22 Aug 2023
Fox RoadOpen
Sweeney ReserveOpen


  1. April 2024

    1. Sun 21

      SNR Womens - Season Starts

    2. Sun 21

      Miniroos & Juniors - Season Starts

  2. May 2024

    1. Sun 05

      JBNPL - Regular Season Starts

  3. September 2024

    1. Sun 01

      SNR Womens - Season Ends

    2. Sun 08

      Season End: Community Juniors and Miniroos

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Welcome to the Berwick City Soccer Club, a rich and storied institution that traces its origins back to 1974. Founded by visionaries Gerry Ooykaas and John Wright, the club's inception was marked by an advertisement in local newspapers, calling upon individuals passionate about soccer to convene at Gerry's residence.

A pivotal moment arrived on December 19, 1974, when the club held its inaugural fully constituted meeting. Among the dedicated individuals who graced this gathering were Andrew Elborn, Rene Ooykaas, Miles Wright, Alan Ramsey, Leon Carpentier, Garry Henschel, Jack Burniston, and many others. Together, they laid the foundation for what would become an enduring legacy in soccer.

At this meeting, a committee was elected to steer the club forward:

  • President: John McKernan
  • Secretary: John Wright
  • Treasurer: Gerry Ooykaas
  • Committee Members: Andrew Elborn, Alan Barlow and Terry Adkins

The committee, fueled by ambition, achieved remarkable milestones during its early years. Notably, Trevor Knaggs, Alan Ramsay, Peter Turner, and Jack Burniston joined its ranks within the first year. Under their guidance, Berwick City Soccer Club secured Power Reserve, Doveton, as its inaugural home ground and entered the vibrant Cosmopolitan League, marking the club's presence in the soccer landscape. The capable leadership of Coach Jack Burniston bolstered the club's early efforts.

By December 1975, Berwick City Soccer Club embarked on a journey to establish formal affiliations with prestigious bodies. Messrs Knaggs and Turner engaged with the Victorian Soccer Federation, solidifying the club's entry into the Senior League – known as the District League – and the Juniors in the J.L.M.C. competition. The new year, 1976, heralded the club's admission to the V.S.F. Alongside this achievement, the club moved its operations to the iconic Akoonah Park in Berwick, a lease that spanned two fruitful seasons.

March 1976 marked a pivotal match in the District League cup, as Berwick City Soccer Club made its debut as full-fledged members of the V.S.F. The match against Rosanna showcased the club's determination, even in the face of a 3-2 defeat. Noteworthy goals were scored by Joe McLelland and Terry Jones, with Gerry Ooykaas earning a place in history, albeit reluctantly.

As the club journeyed into 1977, a new playing ground emerged at Crawley Rd. Narre Warren North, courtesy of the Council. This field became the theater for the club's league matches, as Berwick City Soccer Club continued to evolve and make its presence felt. In 1982, the club made a momentous move, settling into its current permanent home on Fox Rd., a place where dreams are nurtured and soccer legacies are built.

Berwick City Soccer Club stands as a testament to the passion, dedication, and perseverance of its founders and early members. With a rich history spanning nearly five decades, the club continues to thrive as a hub for soccer enthusiasts, nurturing talent and fostering a sense of community. Join us in celebrating our journey as we look forward to the exciting chapters that lie ahead.

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